Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, I found interest in law very early. During my teenage years, I volunteered with the Niles Police Explorers, an organization under the umbrella of The Boy Scouts of America.  Directing traffic, assisting others, and supporting sworn Officers were some of my duties. Civil service would become my life’s work.

I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I chose the military because of its values, creed, its relentless dedication to success, and an undying love of country. I served proudly and honorably and in return, the Marine Corps taught me to carry on its motto: Semper Fidelis-Always Faithful.


Jacob For Judge

My interest in law and intrigue by its impact led me to the next step. I attended law school, earning my law degree from The John Marshall Law School in a mere 2 ½ years. I served as a “711” licensed attorney even before graduating, conducting my first jury trial with the Cook County Public Defender’s Office as a student. Moot Court and Mock Trial work at The John Marshall Law School prepared me for my future in court. On the first day I was licensed as an attorney, I started my own practice. That moment for me embodied the American dream.

I did not limit my practice to one area of law. I wanted to experience them all. I have engaged in nearly every area of law, exposing me to different standards, elements, and most importantly-people. These included: administrative law, bankruptcy law, social security disability law, family law, civil litigation, criminal litigation, intellectual property law, trademark law, probate, real estate, corporate law, business licensing, wills, personal injury, manufacturing, distribution, and investigations.  I found great interest and focus on litigation. I have been in court nearly every single day for over 10 years.  I have completed jury trials, bench trials, motion hearings, administrative hearings, bond hearings, traffic trials, felony trials, misdemeanor trials, DUI matters, civil trials, and mediation hearings.

This culmination of work over the last 30 years has prepared me for a different role in public service. I have had the opportunity to experience the law from many angles- from the streets to the court. My experiences are unmatched to provide continued impeccable service, employing the highest level of integrity and intelligence to dispense justice for the people of the 12th Subcircuit of Cook County.

Thereafter, I attended the Cook County Sheriff’s Office Academy, earning the Physical Fitness Award and served the public as a Sworn Deputy Sheriff for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office in the 2nd District Courthouse in Skokie, Illinois. More than just wearing a uniform, badge, and gun-it was a call to service, a duty to others, and provided tremendous job satisfaction.

My career evolved into more in-depth roles related to law and law enforcement. I would go on to serve as a Sworn Police Officer for the City of North Chicago, Illinois. Patrolling streets on the midnight shift, responding to dangerous emergencies, arresting suspects, conducting rescue operations, and completing investigations made me look forward to go to work everyday. I was given special assignments such as assisting SWAT in executing warrants and searches, served as an attachment to a special unit to reduce crime in high crime areas utilizing saturation techniques, and engaging in sting operations. I had the privilege to serve side by side with some outstanding Officers who truly believed they could make the community a better and safer place.

While there, I earned 3 letters of commendation for service above and beyond the call of duty. I would later receive two offers from law enforcement agencies in California-The California Highway Patrol and the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office. After receiving the Academic Award in the Police Academy, I served as a Sworn Peace Officer/Deputy Sheriff-Coroner for the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office in Modesto, California. In addition to patrol and emergency service, I would serve as Deputy Sheriff/Coroner, conducting death investigations. The work was most enjoyable. But where I stopped, a lawyer began. I was curious about the roles of the attorneys-prosecutors and defense-and how their work impacted the outcome of a matter and its far-reaching implications.


I have been happily married to my wonderful wife, Vienna, for 18 years. We have two incredible boys, Luke, a sophomore at Glenbrook South High School, and Thomas, an eighth-grader at Springman Middle School. We are Glenview residents and take great joy from the community.